Young Adults

This is an opportunity to connect with someone who has spent zillions of hours working with young adults. Active listening from an open mind. Be heard. Be accepted as is. 
The life you have already lived has offered many lessons. We can identify them and use them for what is facing you now. 

Families with Developmental Disabilities

 A blessing for over 40 years has been working with families and agencies serving folks with developmental disabilities. Mental health, residential, vocational, all areas of extensive experience.  Practical input and a place to express all that is so hard to express. 

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Many wonderful people have trusted David with the impossible stories. The ones that linger and become obstacles. Coaching is not therapy. It is support and input for solutions and problem solving. Try it and focus on action that heals and strengthens.  

Trauma Survivors

Starting with foster children and adolescents and working with every kind of trauma in adults, David worked daily with very determined individuals. People who had experienced extremely challenging life events and sought resolution. EMDR was amazing to use but not on the phone or Google Meet. However, there are tons of activities to provide soothing and healing. Coaching can provide an invaluable resource.