Lessons Learned Coaching

Life is the teacher of us all. Experiences and pain teach lessons. Together we apply that learning and find the best path forward. For you. For right now. For whatever you are facing. 

What Is Coaching

Coaching starts with active listening. A focus on what you are expressing not just the words. A focus on you in the present. A focus on your priorities and primary concerns. 
Coaching is a partnership to produce movement. Solutions and remedies without judgement. Utilizing the lessons from our experiences. 


Lessons Learned Coaching offers coaching by phone or by Google Meet. Appointments can be arranged with an emphasis on a schedule that is as convenient as possible. Blocks of six or ten appointments can also be purchased at a reduced price.
When families and caregivers are involved appointments can be opened up to include anyone involved. 

About Me

Lessons Learned Coaching is being offered by David Buchanan. David served the region from Dayton, Ohio to Lima, Ohio and the surrounding area. He had a private practice in Clinical Counseling and had offices in Tipp City and Sidney Ohio. He worked for over 41 years with children,  young adults, and adults. 
David's passions are music, spirituality, health, and intimacy. Filling every day with as much of each as possible. 


David can be reached directly by email, text, or by phone. He will respond as quickly as possible. 
The Contact page on this site provides the information to contact David and schedule appointments. 
A free 15 minute consultation can be arranged to offer a sample of what coaching might offer for you right now. 


These wonderful people blessed me with their trust and energy over the years of clinical practice.

From Young Adults

Most of my young life I struggled with my mental health. The time I spent with Dave Buchanan taught me not only coping skills but also how to cultivate the strengths I didn't even know were there. I have called on Dave in a couple of times of need since then and I am always met with the gentle, trusted help I need to overcome the obstacle at hand. 

From Law Enforcement

When I first came to see David Buchanan I had been involved in a critical incident that left me feeling frustrated and concerned that my career was coming to an end. David helped me find purpose and also helped me discover some underlying issues that were a part of my frustration. I was able to find job satisfaction once again and I learned to deal with people in my life who I seemed to clash with.  I owe a lot of the success I’ve had in my career to David as he helped put me on a better path.

From Families with DD Members

From Survivors of Trauma